Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yay Me!

I'm usually not one to brag...
But Yay Me!!!
(Guys might want to skip this post =)

I made it a whole year! 12 months! 365 days! I supplied my son with the best nutrition possible! Even though he was unable to breastfeed, instead of giving up, I took the extra steps to give him the best! A whole year of! Honestly, I did not think I would make it! Through 2 cases of mastitis, and many other painful experiences.. which I will spare you the details of... I made it! I kept pressing on! Through food allergies....WOW! Which meant no egg or dairy for Mom! Of course there were times I cheated =) Through stress of supply, surgeries, travel.....yay me!

Enough of that =) I did not do this by myself....I could not do this by myself! God has been my strength! Everyday I prayed for "strength to make it through this day" and He was faithful everyday! Also my husband, Matthew, you have given me your shoulder countless times to cry on. Loved and comforted me when I was in pain. Encouraged me. Appreciated me. You are an amazing husband and father, and I would be locked up somewhere in a straight jacket if you hadn't been by my side. Thank you.

For those of you who don't know the benefits of supplying milk for your baby, I will leave you with this...
  • Breastfeeding gives your baby antibodies that fight illness and disease. Formula does not.
  • Breastfeeding is the best food especially when your baby has allergies. Never let a doctor say your baby is allergic to your milk. Although, he might be allergic to something you ate! Like egg or dairy =)
  • Breastfeeding helps you lose weight...yep! I know first hand!
  • Breastfeeding can reduce your risk of cancer.
There are so many, many benefits. These are just a few!

God knew what He was doing when He created us!

For more information click here and here.


  1. You Go Rebekka!! So proud of you :)
    Love the pics! Look inside now, see the beauty that has grown, from the mountain you have climbed! God is Awesome!
    So proud of Matthew too :) Great Post!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know it's hard pumping every 3 hrs. every day for months. I did it for my 3rd son Jonah for 11 months as he seemed to like the bottle better than me. But it was so worth it. It was not easy but God helped me through it. I am so happy for you and your family. I hope you are doing good and I hope Judah will outgrow his allergies if he hasn't already. God Bless You.

  3. I'm so glad you could pump and provide him with that wonderful nutrition :) you have done a wonderful job - he is healthy and very happy - you rock Bek!

    love ya,


  4. Thanks you guys! I am so blessed to have so many encouraging loving people in my life! =)