Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Judah's First Birthday Party!!

The party was so much fun!

Here are the cupcakes my friend Erika and I made..
I am so proud of how they turned out!

A little bit of the decor...
The animal pictures were painted by a lady in our church. I LOVE them!
I made the birthday banner and Judah's name (this was a crafty party =)

Now, time to sing "Happy Birthday!"
What was the Birthday Boy's reaction?

Why are all these big people yelling at me?

Someone make it stop!

Still crying...
We thought maybe he was afraid of the monkey staring at him so I took the eyes off.
Hmmm...He might be afraid of monkeys?

He wasn't too sure about the cupcake..might have been a little traumatized

He really started to enjoy the party when it was time to open gifts!!

Yes, that's my son kissing an orange soon as I took it out of the box he had to give it a kiss!

Over all the party was a success.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves!

We had games, bubbles, stuffed animals, art tables.....FUN!
The monkey was painted by Dad. Isn't it cute! We made bananas to toss into his mouth

Can't wait to do it again next year!


  1. so glad I could be ther for Judah's first birthday - had a wonderful time and who would like it if their food was looking at them??? LOL

    love you,


  2. The cupcakes looked awesome!! you did a great job!! Your hair looks really good too. ;) of course you always look beautiful!
    =) It looked like a lot of fun.. wish I could have been there.

  3. Awww I wish you could have been there too!! =(

  4. Rebekka, I left a comment last night? I don't see it now?
    I don't remember everything I said. I can see you guys worked very hard. It all looks so nicely done!
    Hope my other comment show up too!
    So glad for you that your Mom could be there. :)

  5. I never saw another comment =( Thank you!

  6. What an awesome job you did!! He's so cute and I am so proud of you guys!!