Thursday, February 3, 2011

My First Real Dentist Appointment

Wow, this feels so weird....It's been too long since I have posted anything!

Judah went to the dentist today. He was...well we won't talk about whether he was good or not...

The dentist we found seems to be exactly what I prayed for. They have several cleft patients and the doctor seems to know a good bit about the whole process. They are also very kid friendly and Momma friendly too.

Judah does seem to be missing 2 baby teeth ( I really wish I could remember the names to all the teeth) and his 2 top teeth are in pretty bad shape. He wants to work on them: take off any decay and fill in any holes. He would need to do this in the hospital with Judah fully under anesthesia because of his age...and lack of cooperation. Judah also has a tooth growing towards his premaxilla..looks kind of scary in the x-ray picture but the doctor says there is nothing we can do. It will either find it's way through or it will be removed during the bone graft. Please help me pray. God is not finished with Judah and I am expecting more of the miraculous.

Judah did get to brush the teeth of a dragon...and came home with a balloon! He also left a few people amazed that he ever had a bilateral cleft lip. =) Including Mr. Dentist. He also looked pretty handsome in his "Superman" shirt. <3

**Just an FYI: Judah's 2 front teeth came in with decay (which is normal for cleft kids) it was not due to lack of brushing or calcium.