Monday, March 22, 2010

We Are Walking!

Yes we are!!
Still a little unsure at times but Judah took about 6 steps today! That was the furthest he has walked yet!

We went to the park today! It was a gorgeous day! I wanted to have one of our little "photo shoots" but that didn't happen. The wind blew a cool breeze that was a little too cold for shorts and sandals...Mom learned a lesson today! Lots of layers next time!
Judah ended up borrowing a friend's hoodie...

Yeah...we didn't stay too long...


  1. Way to go Judah! :D Naina's proud of YOU!

    The park looks pretty, sorry you didn't get to stay long. :(

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry about the delete. It had typos.

    I forgot to mention his two bottom teeth!
    So, cute!!! :)

  4. woohoo - YAY! Go Judah!



  5. How awesome!! What a big boy!! Aunt April is proud of him!! :)

  6. Naina wants an update on Judah's palate.
    Is it working properly yet? I pray so!
    How many teeth does he have now?
    Does he still watch the (my baby can read)?
    Does he enjoy them, if he does?
    What is your favorite thing Judah does now?
    Besides walking! He,hee!!
    I'm talking about his personality traits?
    Does Judah enjoy people? Or is he shy?
    I miss you three!
    What is the best part of being a Momma?
    God bless you, and keep you!

  7. Forget the shy question. I went back and read
    your previous update. You stated Judah loves
    flirting with people when out to eat!
    He must have picked that up from you :)
    You know, Matthew wouldn't look at strangers.

  8. I haven't been showing Judah "Your Baby Can Read" lately..partly because it's in the basement and partly because he wasn't paying attention! I probably should start that up again now that he is trying to talk more.