Wednesday, March 31, 2010

13 Months!

13 Months!
  • You have 4 teeth. 2 top. 2 bottom.
  • You are talking more! You say "eye" and then proceed to poke whoever is around in the "eye". You say "hi". I think you are trying to say more but so far I can only make out a few words. You might have been trying to say "dog" and "baby" this morning?
  • You ate a taquito last night ALL BY YOURSELF!! I am so proud! You only choked once ; )
  • Food still comes out of your nose and you still can't suck yet. When you pucker up to make a smooch sound..I can hear it, but it's not coming from your mouth. It is coming from the hole in your palate (that is closing in Jesus name!)
  • The toy in the pictures is one of your absolute favorites! Mom and Dad gave it to you for your birthday. You would not put it down! You drag it around by the mic that only worked for less than 24 hours due to the slobber from you "talking" in it! (See picture above) You'd think they would make those slobber proof?!
  • You do like flirting with people, from a distance. When they try to hold or touch you, your shyness or anxiety kicks in. We are still working on that!

I am a sucker for your hugs and kisses! I took you to the grocery store and we just walked the isles filled with hugs!! I loved every bit of it! Especially the way you pat my back and "ooooh" with your face buried in my stomach. You are so sweet.
I do wish you had family around to spoil and adore you. You deserve it! =)
I Love You Son!
(I'm trying not to call you "baby"'s hard!)


  1. Will do my best to spoil him from here honey - he does deserve it and I will be there as much as I can - lol that that toy only lasted 24 hours - he did love it though a lot when I was there - he is so adorable and lovely

    Love you Judah!


  2. AWE! So adorable :) That palate is healing in Jesus Name Amen. I know it is so fun when they start talking :) Oh, and finger foods too!
    I can see he is loving that toy. It must have been great joy for you, and Matthew watching him enjoy the toy you bought. :) It would be nice, so nice to squish him! For now, you guys will have to spoil him for me. :(
    Thanks for the update, he is doing so good!
    I miss you guys, Naina

  3. Was just thinking the other day about that toy, he really does love it. It was awesome when it fully worked, he constantly (still) puts it up to your mouth to allow you to talk in it and then brings it back to his mouth. And no, not a baby anymore, a toddler! My boy is growing! I am, as usual, upstairs working; however, I can hear him holding a conversation on downstairs (though we cannot understand it yet) but he sounds very intent! : ) I love that boy..