Tuesday, October 12, 2010

19 Months!

I know it seems so repetitive but WOW! 19 Months really? How is that possible.

  • Oh my, your talking blows me away! Not only are you saying so many words: phone, door, toy, shoe, sock, teeth, to name a few along with the usuals: bite, yes, no, hi, bye, ball, Mommy, Daddy, Baby, Judah, etc. etc. etc. But you are saying sentences! Your first one that I caught was "We Got to go!" Then came " Mommy, where did you go?" "How are you?" "I'm gonna watch" "Mmmm That bite's good!" and many more!

  • You have 8 teeth!
  • You're smile is so sweet
  • Here is a surprise, you love music! You sing, dance, and are attracted to any and every instrument.
  • You can suck! Have I mentioned that in the blog? I meant to write a whole post on it. You have NO IDEA how exciting that is for a cleft baby!

  • You listen (most times) and follow instructions very well.
  • You are Daddy's boy. Another big surprise =) I love it.
  • You have the sweetest hugs and kisses. Rare, but sweet.
  • You can give Eskimo kisses! You love butterfly kisses and "Snug as a bug in a rug"

We spent a whole hour outside for this photo shoot. This little boy would NOT look at the camera! For anything! Grrr.... Anyway, I entered him into a contest with GAP. The odds of him winning are not very high, I know. I also know that God cares about the little things and you never know unless you try. My reasons for entering him are not just because he is so stinkin adorable. It would just be amazing to see our very own miracle plastered in every mall. Wouldn't you agree? =) God is awesome.
Vote for Judah and share with your friends! You can vote everyday!
www.gapcastingcall.com Judah's # 323903

Hugs and Kisses!