Thursday, March 4, 2010

1 Year!

....and what a year it has been!

I am so proud of you my son. Your first year has been full things no one should have to go through. Yet you have been so strong, and so amazing. We have made it! Through lots of tape and head ache, 7 trips to the O.R. , way too many nights in the hospital, and so many tears. God has kept His hand on this family, and I give Him all the glory! Now, you are a healthy boy growing every day!! I love you. I am so thankful for you.

What are you up to?
  • Getting into everything you are not supposed to! I'm not sure why a laptop charger is so intersting...
  • 3 teeth! Yep, just 3 teeth. 2 top and 1 bottom. Oh, and that bottom tooth was a nightmare!
  • Walking around! If I or Dad hold your hand, or you have a wall to lean on.
  • You can stand on your own! Then you realize what you are doing and slowly sit down.
  • Laughing! You are so ticklish!
  • Still loving music! I love to see you dance.
  • You cry when Mom and Dad aren't in the room. We are working on that =)
  • As you can see from the top picture, you can hold up one finger! 1!
  • Anytime we go out to eat, you always find someone nearby to flirt with..and they love every minute of it!

I am so proud of you


  1. Oh what a cutie! You guys are so blessed! You are doing such a good job, too!

  2. Love it!!! :)

    So good to hear all that my grandson is up to these days. I too am glad this first year is over. May you all rest in God's blessings, and be full of great JOY!
    I have to say, Udi is such a cutie!!
    Thanks for the update!

  3. He is precious Rebekka! You and Matthew have done a terrific job!
    Noah LOVES the laptop charger too!?? I don't get it either. Brian says Noah scans the room looking for what he can't have, and the gos for it! lol. <3

  4. Dad is so very proud of you as well, I love you son.. Love Dad