Wednesday, October 28, 2009

These Days...

8 Months! WoW!

So, What are you up to these days?

Getting into everything! :) You love electronics already (just like Dad!)
and of course..

You have to touch them!

You are the center of our world...sometimes everything is a blur except you! Then you finally stop

I ran out of cute pictures to go with your updates...

  • I am pretty sure you are teething. So far nothing to show for your hard work!
  • No crawling yet. Oh boy do you want to! You get up on your hands and knees so you're almost there!
  • You pull up! Dad was changing you and all of a sudden you were standing up holding on to the sides of the changing table! Now you won't stop! :)
  • You move your hands ALOT when you want something. Like you are trying to grab air
**PiCtUrE BrEaK**

  • Your favorite song is "I'm in the Lords Army!" ...Yes sir!
  • You blow your nose! lol Since you got your new nose you test it to make sure it still works...and it does! There is proof!
  • You are still sensitive to dairy and allergic to! (That's! I like my dairy!)
  • You weigh 15 lbs (according to the scale at home) Mom is getting a little tired of people saying "He's so little!" BOO! We love you just the way you are. Sure I would like for you to get a little more chunk (I stress about it everyday) but there is enough to squish! :)

  • You make the cutest face with your lips puckered, your nose scrunched, and of course the concerned eyebrows..but you won't let me get it on camera! Oh, how I want to..and I will!
  • You are still gargling! lol Sometimes you do it when I feed you to make me laugh and maybe forget that you are eating..Haha. You wish.

Here are some funny ones. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Loving his sippy! He mostly just wants to play with it :)


So, I tried to get him to do something cute or talk a little but he only wanted to do that when the video was off! Isn't that how it always goes :) Ah, he's still a cutie.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Doin good!

Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a few...boy do I have some updates! Judah is changing so much! He says Mama (all the time!) and tries to say Dada but it comes out lala. I think he may be having trouble saying that one because of his palate? Anyway! He has learned to wave :) Dad was on the platform Thursday night in church and Judah just kept waving at him! :) I LOVED it!

We are loving it in Colorado...loving it!! :):) There are lots of babies at church who are older then him that he can learn from, and play with...I am so excited!

The pictures here are at Famous Daves. We put him in a high chair and he was SO ExCiTeD! He was laughing and talking all over the place! :) I love you Udi

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hittin the road!

We are off to Colorado today! Thanks for the prayers! Safe travel in Jesus name!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


We are packing up and moving to Colorado Springs!!!!!! :):):):)

Leaving the beginning of next week. Please pray for safe travel! We are SO ExCiTeD!!!
So, I know this sounds sudden but it's not! :) We have been praying about it for a while and just wanted to make sure God was in it before we announced...and He is!!
We will be working with an AMAZING church! :) I am so excited to see what Jesus has in store!
By the way, He is STILL PROVIDING AND BLESSING TREMENDOUSLY! So far he has provided EVERY PENNY for Judah's little journey. Oh, how I love Him! God is Faithful!
Everything! Everything! Lord you are, everything to me!! My treasure! My priority! Who can compare to you!!