Monday, December 21, 2009

First Christmas!!

Christmas 2009

We went ahead and had our Christmas for Judah last night since we decided to go to Arkansas and visit with family.

I wasn't expecting Christmas to be so much fun..but it was! I thought Judah would be too young to get excited, but he loved it! He wouldn't really smile or look at the camera the whole time... He was too serious about touching everything and figuring out what it was!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Palate Surgery


Worst day..sorry just being honest! We had to leave the house at 3 AM to be at the airport on time to fly out. Matthew and I both woke up sick. We were so excited to stay at the hotel in front of the hospital. It is nice, clean, very convenient and in a good part of town. The only down side is they did not have a shuttle bus to and from the airport so we would have to pay $40 cab fair (to and from) to get there. So, we pay the cab go all the way there only to find out we were booked at the other hotel (in the bad part of town) Glad that day is over. :)


We met with the ENT and audiology first. Judah did have fluid in both ears so we decided to get the ear tubes to help with speech. Next was pre-op, and finally Dr. Mulliken. He was so proud of Judah. :) The day wasn't so bad. All the appointments went pretty smooth.


The day of surgery! It did not take near as long as the lip surgery. Just about 4.5 hours. Judah did not wake up crying either. He was sound asleep waking up just enough to look around and go back to sleep. There was packing in his palate, but kept breathing fine with no difficulty.


Judah would not drink anything but could not have any milk until the packing was out of his mouth anyway. He was already wanting to get into everything and rolling around. He got a hold of his fingers twice Wednesday night..not sure how.

The packing was taken out at 6:30 in the morning, and Judah was free to drink milk! :) We could go home as soon as he drinks 6 oz. I was so afraid of this day. Looking back at the other surgeries it always took him an extra night to start eating and he was still on the bottle (which he could no longer have) But I prepared the sippy cup anyway and filled it with 1 oz...he sucked it down and was begging for more! Soon he drank 7 oz! (with a nap in between of course) and we were FrEe!


Judah is a little fussy today, I think he wants his bottle back. He slept awesome last night even without his fingers! :) We have check-ups on Monday and we go home on Tuesday!


Judah has to have the bone graft surgery around 9 yrs. There is a 10% chance he will need a surgery around 5 yrs, and he might have to have one last surgery in his teen years on his jaw.

Thanks for praying. We love you all.

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Here Again..

This is just a short post letting you know we are on our way to Boston this morning for Judah's palate surgery Wednesday. Please keep us in your prayers!
Please also pray for our health. We only got 4 hours to sleep last night (not even that much. We couldn't really fall asleep)
I love you all.

Sorry no pics today :)