Monday, August 17, 2009

We are on a roll!

Judah ate 35 ounces Saturday and 34 yesterday...WOW!!! Good job babe! :) Thank you Jesus! He seems to be making up for lost time...and then some!
I was sick this weekend and my supply is pretty low so I started him on rice cereal (which mostly ended up on his bib...) because I can't keep up!
My house is a disaster, my dog needs a bath (and so do I..) and I need to get ready to make dinner. I just wanted to share the good news! God is good!
I know I have been posting a lot of pics of him sleeping..but that seems to be the only time I have right now, and it's not much! He is still waking up wanting those chubby fingers... :)


  1. Yeah...!!!! Thank you Jesus! He will soon have all his chunk going on! So sweet, Matthew's eyes were often partly open as he slept. : )

  2. so glad that he is eating!! hope yall have a great day!