Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spoon Feeding..

Judah is doing much better eating the rice cereal off a spoon...yay! In the beginning he would just sit there with his tongue hanging out so everything I put in would fall right back out..I would quickly scoop it up and put it back it falls out again!! It became a vicious cycle.

More stitches have been falling out! There are also more that are having trouble dissolving. He looks better every day!


  1. It is nice to see you in the pic! You look
    so pretty. Judah looks adorable, I need to
    squish him. : )

  2. Rebekka, you are an example to us all. It's really comforting to read your writing. To see how you continue to give God praise in spite of it all. You are a true worshipper...John 4:24 ~charles

  3. Judah sounds like you as a baby trying to eat from a spoon - your a good mom - I'm proud of you and you and Matthew have made a beautiful baby :)