Thursday, August 13, 2009

We are HOME!!!!

I am so happy to type those have no idea!!! No more sleeping in the same room with a baby obsessed with sucking his fingers but all of a sudden can't have them...wearing flip flops in the shower...pumping on a plane...waiting an hour for the shuttle bus with a hungry baby that won't eat..AHHHH! It's so good to be home!! The trip is OVER!!

Now we have to start planning our next trip to Boston...the 6 week check up :( Then the palate surgery! One step at a step at a time...

No really, God is so good. I worry way too much, God provides, and then I'm back to worrying! Will we ever learn!?! God takes care of His children!!!!

The picture above was taken as I type this message...he is finally asleep! He has been waking up at 4 AM EVERY MORNING and crying for at least an hour because he can't suck his fingers :( Every time I go to get him he is just a sweaty mess from all the crying..I feel so bad.

Over all, he is doing really good. He is eating better and smiling all the time! I LOVE HIS SMILE!


  1. I am so happy you are home too. I know all to well about worrying. I prayed for your safety. Then worried.? May God have mercy for my unbelief. I praise Him for your safe return!

  2. Yea you're back! I know you hate it that he's not able to suck his fingers and he cries for them, but the bright side is that he's breaking that habit now. The longer you wait to break any habit the harder it's going to be. Eliana sucks her fingers. I'm hoping she grows out of it and isn't married with kids and still doing it lol. I love you! I hope his 6-week check up doesn't fall on the time that we are going to be in Houston. I want to see you guys and finally meet that adorable Judah!

  3. Yay for being home! Judah looks great! Hope sleeping and eating gets better.

  4. Glad your home sweetheart - he looks so different but yet still wonderful! I know you are glad to be home - fret not - let not your heart be troubled - God is with you and in this all the way.

    Love you,


  5. I am so happy for you....he's precious and I know traveling was hard...Oh how I know...but I am sure you agree it was worth it. God made a way and you did the best you could for your child. I will pray for him to heal quickly and start eating and sleeping better. I can't wait to see more pictures of his "new smile". God bless your family.