Monday, August 10, 2009

6 Days Post-Op

We went to get the sutures taken out today! That means we go home in 2 days!!! Dr. Mulliken is very pleased with everything. He thinks Judah may end up with a dimple on his lip! :) His smile is getting bigger every day as the swelling goes down..and I am falling in love with it all over again! He has been pretty cranky lately and is still not eating much but he is getting better every day!!

It is 90 degrees here in Boston. I keep hearing everyone say it is way too hot outside. The nurse even said "your main goal today is to keep Judah from getting dehydrated since it is so hot outside" Riiiight...clearly they have never been to Texas! I think it feels good here!

I can't say it enough..we love and appreciate you ALL!!!!


  1. Hey! Gosh. He is so sweet. AMAZING REPAIR!Almost brings me to tears. So excited for you guys. Praise the Lord! He is GOOD!

  2. Awesome. Judah is so cute! I am so proud of his outcome. I can't wait for all the tape, swelling, redness, bruising, etc... to be out of Judah's life! A big Thank you to Jesus! He is so good. Thanks to Dr. Mulliken too!

  3. Needed to add! The dimple in the lip :)
    God was in on that! Papa has a dimple in his lip too!!!:)

  4. I wish I could hold him and give him a kiss!
    He looks great! Thank you Jesus!

  5. Matthew and Rebekka, What a beautiful baby boy, we are so happy that everything is going so good and that his surgery went so well. We serve such an ON TIME GOD. I know you are excited about being able to go home in 2 days. God bless your beautiful family.

  6. Yea!!! Thank You Jesus!! I can't wait to see his beautiful smile in person!

  7. woot! that is wonderful! and such a little doll - glad he is eating better too - love this blog :)

    love you,