Wednesday, June 24, 2009

They took my blood! :(

We went in today to get Judah tested for food allergies...that was one of the hardest and scariest things I have done! First of all, the nurse had about 12 tubes sitting on the counter ...I asked if she was going to fill all of those up? Good thing she said no! I was about to run out of there! Then she clearly did not know what she was doing...I think Judah was their first baby... she got another nurse to help and they kept going back and forth about how much blood should we take? Does this look like a good vein? Oh my goodness! I said something like "I guess you don't get very many babies in here?" They said NOTHING (obviously he was their first!) So I just told them "I bet it's really hard working on a baby.... I wouldnt want to." She breathed a sigh mixed in with a "yeah" Then she holds him down , takes a deep breath and says "Everybody ready??" Of course the whole time they were going back and forth I was praying!
Everything went smooth after that thank you Jesus! Judah just cried a few seconds when she poked him and then went back to giving her those flirty eyes :)
He's such a strong boy. Results will be in a week.

See my green band aid?

This is what he wore to church on Father's Day

So cute!

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  1. So adorable! I think he favors Matthew in the pic with his frog shirt. He usually favors you. Looking forward to the NAM update.