Thursday, June 4, 2009

And The Journey Begins...

We got the NAM yesterday...The doctor told me to only put it in when he eats (with nothing keeping it in so I would have to somehow hold it while I feed him?) for a week!! Long story, but basically the experienced doctor broke her arm and hasn't come back for about 8 we are having to go to the doctor she was training. Usually they tell you to put the NAM in only when he eats for like a day or 2..not a whole WEEK! So I tried holding the NAM while I feed him..when I took it out to burp him and then put it back in he cried and cried. So I thought I would take it out when he eats and put it in when he's not eating so he can get used to it without something else making it hard to I tried that at the next feeding...he gagged, and then exploded with what looked like his whole feeding. Of course I cried...the NAM is supposed to HELP the feedings not undo everything I worked so hard to get in him! So after he calmed down and I fed him again (without the NAM) and gave him some tummy time I put the NAM back in and held it and tried to distract him when he started to gag. I kept it in for 20 mins doing this and left it out the rest of the night. I decided I was going to start taping it on him and leave it in all day far he spit up like crazy again this morning but this time I didn't take it out..I left it and rocked him. Every once in a while he will fuss and gag but I'm keeping it in! It is really hard to watch though..I just want to take the thing out, run it over with my car and call it a day. But, it will do a lot of good in the long run and keep him from having to go through even more surgeries so we are just going to have to be strong together, take it one day at a time, and trust in Jesus...I really don't know how I could get out of bed in the morning without him. Thank you so much for your prayers I know they are what's carrying us through this.

Wrapped in the towel like a sweet burrito :) He loves bath time.

First mow can barely see it (I don't have much hair..)

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  1. Rebekka after seeing my first attempt at a comment I deleted it. Thanks so much for your help. I love the burrito baby pic. So where is the pic of you? I would like a couple songs too. Perhaps you could play and sing in a little video! Maybe the song you chose for Judah? Or just a praise song. I don't ask to much do I? :)