Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NAM Wk 1

So we went to the dentist today. She put some more acrylic in the NAM to get the premaxilla more centered. She is putting in the nose stents next week. He is doing really well with it. He sucks on it now for comfort or when he is hungry :) It's really cute.

Feedings are still tricky. Some feedings he sucks the milk down in 5 mins (those are rare) sometimes he eats wonderful until he burps...and sometimes he sits there for 20 minutes screaming bloody murder :( I hate those times. Anyway I am thinking maybe he is allergic to dairy? He has a rash on his face that won't go away so I have been cutting dairy out of my diet (since Monday) which is REALLY HARD! Mom loves her milk... and ice cream.. and cheese.. and chocolate...I could go on... When I went in this morning to wake him up to eat he was just looking around chomping on his fingers and smiled real big when he looked at me :) (that's the first) Also the rash looks like it is healing so hopefully just maybe we have a winner!!! I will gladly cut dairy out if it makes him happy.

I am going to try and take pics every week so we can track his progress. His appointments, for now, are every Wednesday.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Lots of progress! He is looking so good!
    I am happy to hear he is sucking on the NAM.
    That is wonderful. Thanks for all the pics and
    the update.