Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NAM Wk 2

First I want to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!! To my husband.... I know it's not until Sunday but why not start today and make it last?? :) I love you babe! I could not ask for a better man to raise my kids with (yes that's plural...but not any time soon!)

So, we went to our NAM appointment today and they did NOT put the stents in even though she said they would...But they did add some more soft acrylic to center his premaxilla more..which I think looks more off center than last week. We have an appointment for next Thursday to get the stints in. Judah will be her only appointment that day since the stints take a while to make.

Feedings are getting better I put him back on the Bethanachol and I am not taking him off this time. I keep taking him off meds hoping that he is better...and then he gets worse. I stopped giving him the prevacid I think it hurts his stomach (which defeats the whole purpose)...and still no dairy for mom.

Please keep praying! We need God to help mold his lip and palate, guide doctor Acharya's hands when she molds the NAM, touch his little stomach, and give him a healthy appetite. Last night he slept through a feeding and only had 5 feedings for the day (but still got 24 ounces in) but didn't go to sleep any earlier...strange. He just laid in bed looking at the ceiling fan for 30 mins It was pretty cute


  1. Hey, thanks for the pics and the update. I will be praying. Sorry you didn't get my e-mail. I haven't recieved any email in days.
    I think the whole thing is messed up. I am happy you three will be here soon!

  2. Hey I think Judah and Noah have the same shirt.. in the pic with matthew. Does it say I love mommy and mommy loves me? Anyway he is sweet. Love ya