Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dr. Mulliken

I have been speaking with a surgeon in Boston. He called me at 9 the other night! Very sweet. He told me the reason he doesn't do the NAM is because even though it does give you more columella it is still not enough. He explained all of what the measurements should be and that he creates the columella, and the cupids bow all in surgery. (we are still doing the NAM to make sure we do everything we possibly can) I have seen the kids he has done (not just the pictures he wants me to see but pictures I have found online through blogs, profiles, etc.) they look absolutely amazing. At first the top lip looks a little narrow and the nose looks a little big but you can't just think about how they look right after the surgery. As they grow everything just relaxes and becomes so proportionately perfect. He told me the first surgery is like cutting a diamond, if you don't do it right you will never have that chance again it will never look as good as it could have. "The reason I am here on earth is for babies with cleft" ...That is the kind of surgeon I have been praying for. His surgeries last about 8 hours. 1 of those hours are spent just measuring before he even makes the first incision.
I know that God has the last say and can use any surgeon for His glory. If we do decide to use Dr. Mulliken things are going to be much harder getting Judah there and back insurance etc.
Please help us pray for direction and for God to have His way and work everything out.
We love you all.


  1. I'm so glad that you got a chance to talk to Dr. Mulliken! He truely is the best. I know that being so far away will cause problems, was he able to reccomend any surgeon closer to you?

  2. You have to trust Him. My favorite saying is "where God guides He provides" Someone told me once "don't let money be the reason you don't take your child to the best doctors." I put that in the forefront of my mind and just focused on getting him there. Tell your church,family and friends. People will come out of the woodwork to help. They will give skymiles for plane tickets and our church took up offerings. We also had HUGE benefits yardsales at a bank in town. God will provide. Just get on his schedule before he gets booked up... :-)

  3. My baby girl, Riley is a patient of Dr M and we love him! She had a lip/nasal adhesion at 6wks old and is scheduled for her final lip repair August 25th. We couldn't be more pleased with the care received from Dr M and Children's Hospital Boston! We travel to Boston from Alabama and are fortunate that our insurance covers everything. Not to get too personal, but our out-of-pocket expenses for travel, lodging and meals was approx $1500. Judah is adorable!

  4. We are Mulliken fans as well! Can't say enough good things about him and thank God everyday that we were led to him. We live in Alabama too and my grandson will be 3 years old in a few days. He was born with a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate and had the Latham.

  5. Rebeka, so glad to hear the Lord led you to Dr. Mulliken. Few people find that one true God-given ability and use it and HE IS ONE OF THEM. It's absolutely breathtaking the care he has for these babies. And not just him. The nurses, attendants, anyone in the hospital. As crazy as it was for us with travel and whatnot, I would do it again in a heartbeat. No questions asked. He and his staff are worth every extra mile and penny spent. I'll be praying the Lord finds the necessary insurance stuff for you. There are few programs that may be able to help. Our blog is
    YOUR LITTLE MAN IS SUPER HANDSOME!!! It will be amazing how God uses him!! HE IS GOOD!!