Thursday, July 16, 2009

Judah Tidbits

Little tidbits of info on Judah these days:
  • He is consistently eating better! So I have been able to take him out and go to church more than just Sunday mornings!
  • He has a grey hair on the back of his head...hmmm
  • He started squealing ALL THE TIME I guess from the excitement of making a new noise..I have been trying to encourage him to use his voice again so I don't have a head ache everyday!
  • He is exploring new functions he can do with his body... a few examples: grab mom's hair, grab mom's glasses...
  • He smiles all the time, and saves his biggest smiles for Dad :)
  • He is getting so chunky!


  1. Oh my goodness!! My new favorite pic of Judah!! I love it! I'm very happy he is getting chunky. :)

  2. rebekka - oh my word - u just made me cry! (reading ur latest post about Judah's smile) he is so beautiful...every little life is such a blessing. u all will be in our prayers. my little guy sucks his thumb too! it sounds like u guys are doing great...i'm so happy for you.