Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today has been a good day...

Judah is doing so much better. All the medicine I have been cramming down his throat seems to finally be doing something....I just realized I am a little behind on my updates so here you go!....

We took Judah to the doctor Thursday (and got in a wreck but thats another story... don't worry we are all ok :) ) She said it is definitely acid reflux. She gave us some more medication ( Prevacid and Bethanachol) and said we should see progress by Monday. Well Monday rolls around and Judah is still screaming in pain. So, I called and the doctor told me to give it a week. He woke up yesterday morning with an appetite! The pain did come back a little by the evening but not near as bad.

Dr. T took a look at the pictures and is real impressed with Judah's progress but agrees that he still has a little more to go in the Latham. He wants to see Judah next week (Im not exactly sure why?) I hope he decides it's time to take it out. It has been 4 weeks now! Seems like forever.

I heard on 89.3 (christian radio station) an interview with a couple that has lost a baby, they also have a blog. I thought I would share it with you. She is an amazing writer and has blessed me greatly with her words. I wish I had her talent!

Love you guys!

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