Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catch up

I just started this blog to keep my friends and family updated on how Judah is doing. He is now almost 11 weeks old so this post is a catch up on his little life so far!
Judah was born February 27th 2009 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Right now he is wearing the Latham but hopefully not for too much longer! He has been in it 3 weeks so far and it has been a journey! He has been having real problems eating but I really think it's more because of his reflux than the latham. I have ordered some colic calm
( http://www.coliccalm.com/ ) it should get here soon hopefully it will bring him some relief. I will let you know!

Anyway here are some pictures...enjoy!

I know, I know...he is TOO CUTE! :) Love you Judah!

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  1. He is a CUTIE! Just like you said ;) I love your Blog idea! Thanks for sending the link my way. You all are always in my Prayers. Can't wait to see you to catch up! Much Love! -Tiffany