Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nnna & Ba-ba

Naina and Papa's visit

According to Judah they are Nnna and Ba-ba until further notice.
He has been talking up a storm!
"Night night" "Bible" "Giraffe" "Keys"
Although, I think my all time favorite is "alright!" He has been saying that one at least a month's such a big word and he says it perfectly!

During a meeting at church, we were discussing hobby lobby (it was actually only said once) but he picked up the word "hobby" and has now added that to his vocabulary. I don't think he knows what it means. I might have to teach him what exactly hobby lobby is... hehe

We very much enjoyed the visit.

The mission?

To spoil Judah rotten.

Mission accomplished.

He now throws himself on the floor when he doesn't get his way and does everything except say "If Naina and Papa were here!"
I'm sure he would if he could

We love you Naina and Papa... Mom and Dad


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  2. So sweet!!

    I enjoyed all the pics, my favorite two....Judah on Matthew's shoulders, and Judah holding Mamma's hand. :)
    I like the updated pics too! :)
    In the pic of you, and I on the park bench........was I slumping or what!?
    I know you are longer through the waist but, I need to take my own advice and "Sit UP Straight!" ;)
    Thanks for the post!
    We are missing you three. :(

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  4. Enjoyed the visit as well! I know that Judah did, he rarely get's to see them. Love how much he is talking these days, he also understands much of everything we say; so smart! : )

  5. I loved ALL the pictures!! I think they are all beautiful! I'm glad yall had a good visit! :) And I couldn't agree more.. all the cute words and things kids say are so adorable! I'm glad Judah is talking so well!

  6. It was a fun time :)
    Judah does comprehend very well! :)
    He is also a cutie. :)

  7. Hey! He is so adorable... I am squishing you here since I don't have a facebook. Squish my buddy for me!

    Jennifer Garcia