Monday, April 26, 2010

WHAT IS Going On?!

Judah has been throwing up now for 4 days...and he won't eat anything!

My heart is just breaking..I should be able to do something to make this STOP! I have a little guy..and he can't afford to get any littler. I have changed his clothes (mine too!) and rewashed his sheets way too many times to count...I don't really mind that part it's just the perfect cherry on top of this lovely time.

It's not just the past 4 started 2 weeks ago with high fever and.. well..throw up (just can't think of a nice way to put that) then came a sinus infection and now this? He couldn't keep anything down for the first few days. I am at a loss. I have no idea what is wrong or when it will just go away...I am contemplating keeping him out of the nursery.

Prayers are much appreciated.

I know I probably sound like yet another overly-worried-new-mom but you know..

On another note here is a picture we took together at a friend's wedding

My little man wearing a tie =)


  1. I know it is scary. I have been there. Just be sure to keep him hydrated. Even if you have to give him water with a medicine dropper. A little at a time is better than none at all. I have been in the hospital twice with Jaron for dehydration. One of the signs is no tears or dry tongue and no wet diaper for 8 hrs. What are the doctors saying? I'll be praying for you.

  2. Awww honey I thought it was slowing down - did he get worse? Hang in here -you are a great Mom!

    Love you <3

  3. The doctors have been saying to keep him hydrated. I have another appointment scheduled this afternoon. I thought it slowed down too but he threw up twice yesterday...he is keeping liquids down..mostly but anything else I give him comes back up. I was excited that he ate a jar baby food last night before going to bed (and enjoyed it! He was even clapping!) Then he wakes up an hour later with it all in his bed.. =(

  4. Rebekka, I am so sorry that Judah is still sick. I know it has you worried beyond measure. They are just so helpless when they are little and as mommas we just want to be able to make it all better. I will be praying for Judah (and you and Matthew) in Jesus name for him to be well and we will also have prayer for him tomorrow night at church. Love you all :)

  5. Thank you Patty =) You are so sweet.
    The Doctor does not know what is wrong. He is ordering a GI if Judah is not better in 24 hours...In Jesus Name!

  6. Gosh.........sorry I wasn't able to get on-line and read this post before today. Matthew said he had been throwing up. Which Papa, and I prayed for Judah. I haven't heard any news, is he better? Did he have to have a GI series?
    I miss you guys. I hope and pray all is well.
    You, and Judah look lovely in the pic. :)

  7. I don't think Judah will need to see a GI specialist because I have whatever he has now..The nurse said they have seen virus' last up to 10 days! Oh, I hope not. Judah seems to be a little better... So far no throwing up today.

  8. :( So sorry you have it now too.
    I know........I mean I remember taking care of
    the kids while being very sick too. Not fun.
    May Jesus heal you now! In Jesus Name.