Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unwelcome Guests

I am happy to say Judah kept his food down yesterday!! We had a scare 2 hours after putting him to bed he woke up crying (which according to the past 5 days meant he had thrown up) But he made it through the night with ClEaN ShEeTs!!
And me? I am back to normal!! I honestly think God put that sickness on me to let me know Judah would be ok. Just the thought of him going through more procedures and possible surgeries caused so many emotions and fears to come flooding back.

But once again God is Amazing. He has kept His hand on us! I thank Him for His faithfulness and I thank You for your Love and Prayers!


  1. Oh sweetheart that is so awesome! I had you on my mind last night big time - couldn't quit thinking about yall - this is such good news!!

    love you so much!


  2. Rebekka, thanks for the wonderful update!
    I love the pics too!! So nice to see the two of you happy. :)

  3. Love to see my son happy, sickness on him was rough. He has such an amazing disposition inspite of issues.