Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sleep Sweet..

These were taken over the past few days
I would sneak in his room and snap the camera...
with Dad whispering "leave him alone!" over my shoulder :)
It's ok. He stayed peacefully asleep. Well, most of the time :)
Sleep sweet baby are safe and you are loved :)


  1. Rebekka,Judah is such a beautiful angel. I love all the pics. My favorite of course is the last with his long lashes showing, his rosy cheeks glowing, and his adorable fingers in his mouth. Those red jammies are also a big
    hit with Naina! I miss you three. Squish Udi
    for me. Give each other a hug too. I will cherish the pics since the last time I held him
    he had to sleep in restraints. I know they are coming again soon. My heart aches for you.
    I am looking forward to the new year.

  2. these pictures are precious of Judah. He is such a sweet perfect little man!!!! Hope you all have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. hey! Lacie was looking at your blog with me and she was looking really hard at his pic's and saying "baaaby.. baaby NOAH! hehahah"!
    I told her that No, thats Judah.. she calls him oudah. :) Got love the way little kids put their own touch on words. He does look really sweet! I took a pic of Noah sleeping this morning! Its just something about their sweet little faces. So small and sweet..

  4. that beautiful baby :) its funny what fingers he is sucking <3

    love yall - worry for nothing :)