Monday, November 16, 2009

The Sippy Cup: Is It A Lost Cause?

So handsome!
Palate surgery is less than a month away...and I have started the worrying cycle again! Just waiting for the part when God takes over and makes it all better.
Ah, the sippy cup. I am ready to burn the thing. He plays with it and will drink the milk, if any comes out during his chew attack, but refuses to see it as a source for food!
So not ready for surgery again.
We took him to the doctor for a check-up. He is in 1% for his weight and 4% for height. That's what every mom who has been shoving food in her child's mouth every time she gets a chance wants to hear.
Please continue to pray. I would like to say the hard part is over..but it has all been hard..and it's not over. We leave Dec. 7th for Boston and return Dec. 15th.

Thanks for your continuing love, prayer, and support. We love you all.


  1. Thanks for the update and the adorable pics!!
    Sorry his height and weight percentages were
    low. I know it adds one more thing for you to
    worry about. I am praying all God's best! I pray that you, and Matthew will know God's peace through all of the trials ahead. You are always with me, and in my prayers.

  2. Hang in there babes - Just remember you and Matthew are good parents and Judah is in God's hands and He definitely knows what He is doing. Good to see those pics - he is just adorable <3


  3. kids are usually all caught up with eachother regarding weight around age least he's on the weight curve...i've known kids that weren't EVEN on there. you are doing an awesome job and he looks healthy and happy and handsome to me!

    Theresa Burns

  4. Ok, .. I am trying again to leave you a comment.. I was on here the other day and it woudnt let me leave one AGAIN..?
    I agree with Theresa he looks good to me. Thats all that matters! Healthy and happy :) You are doing so good! Dont let the devil bring you down. Love all of you and praying blessings for you guys. Hugs =)