Monday, October 12, 2009

Doin good!

Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a few...boy do I have some updates! Judah is changing so much! He says Mama (all the time!) and tries to say Dada but it comes out lala. I think he may be having trouble saying that one because of his palate? Anyway! He has learned to wave :) Dad was on the platform Thursday night in church and Judah just kept waving at him! :) I LOVED it!

We are loving it in Colorado...loving it!! :):) There are lots of babies at church who are older then him that he can learn from, and play with...I am so excited!

The pictures here are at Famous Daves. We put him in a high chair and he was SO ExCiTeD! He was laughing and talking all over the place! :) I love you Udi


  1. I've been patiently waiting for an update! I'm so glad yall love it there. I can't wait to move to NM and be closer to yall. Not that we will be down the street or anything. But, it'll be great to be closer together.
    I love the pictures! Don't you love it when they start talking? lol Just wait until you wish they didn't learn to talk. You think it's cute for him to say Mama now. Just wait until he says it a hundred times and you're all like What Already? Being a mom is so much fun!

  2. Awww Udi is so smart - and I love him too - glad things are going so well for yall - stay warm!!!

    love ya,


  3. Hi! Thanks for the update. Udi's hat is adorable. I am so glad you three are enjoying yourselves. :) Miss you.