Thursday, September 17, 2009

6 Wks Post Op

Judah was 6 weeks post lip repair Tuesday! I took his steri strip off Monday morning and didn't put a new one on until I heard Dr. Mulliken's thoughts on the pictures. I was so excited to be able to stare at him all day without the tape :) Well, Dr. M's reply was "lets continue the steri strip for one more week"....Ahhh!!! That was a bummer.

I have tried giving him a sippy cup twice..he's not liking it AT ALL. He is too in love with his bottle..

Looking too cute at church last night..I had to take a picture...of course ;)

I had to get a pictur of this...he had BOTH thumbs in his mouth! lol One is just not enough!

....and this one is a- just for fun- "bonus"


  1. I just wanna squish him! :) The week is almost over! Yay!! Very soon no tape! This post gets two thumbs up! he..hee..!

    Miss you guys.

  2. He's getting so big! Less than a week and I get to meet him!!!

  3. He is so beautiful :) btw Happy Anniversary to you two! What a great anniversary present Judah has given you <3

    love ya,


  4. I am just so happy and thankful for the wonderful progress Judah has made. He is absolutely beautiful and he looks like such a happy little boy. God has truly blessed you with a gift beyond measure.

  5. My Buddy!!! Cool hat, Judah!!! Happy late anniversary. Love you guys!!!


  6. I'm so excited for you all. Judah has such a happy spirit. Faith works wonders!