Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 more weeks!

I am so excited for Judah's lip to be totally healed! Then I can take off the steri strip for good and enjoy that beautiful smile God has given him!
Mom and dad went to Colorado without Judah...he didn't seem to miss us too much. I expected him to be so excited to see us (we were gone 3 days!) but he didn't mind us being gone at all! He was in good hands with Naina and Papa...oh how he loves his Papa! No matter how upset he was, in an instant Papa turned that frown upside down! :) It's ok...I see how it is Udi. I missed him terribly...but it was really nice to have a break. Colorado was absolutely beautiful in every way! I am in love!


  1. We are safe at home and, missing little Udi already! :) He is so cute! I can't wait for
    the tape to be done with too! I know Udi
    would say Amen Sister! :) Papa loved the post
    too! :) Miss you three.

  2. Three weeks and we get to see him! I'm so excited! Can you believe we both have kids!? I like your lilypie! It's always nice to get a break. One thing Jarrod and do is go on dates. It's really nice when it's been a rough day. We have his parents babysit every Tuesday and we go out. It's nice.

  3. Just when I think Udi cant get any cuter .. he does!!! That little smile.. and hat.. gosh.. :)