Monday, March 28, 2011

2 Years Old!

You're a Big Boy!!

There is so much going on with you lately it's hard to think of what to say!

You are talking like crazy...I can't keep up with everything you say these days.

You pass kisses around frequently.

You are officially gluten free. Yay...

You have 12 teeth with another one coming in.

Still in love with music! Mom and Dad got you a guitar for your birthday. You love to stand on things and "perform".

You also got a car for your birthday from your adopted family...yep it drives a big 2 miles per hour! (Spoiled much?)

You really try and sing along with the radio. It's usually an echo type thing...but sometimes you get the timing perfect!

You are a typical 2 year old with attitudes and the whole package.

You are growing and learning so much. We are very proud of you!!


  1. :) So good to see pics of Judah! God
    has blessed him greatly.

    He's a very handsome, bright, big boy. :)

  2. Our favorite little man in the whole wide world!! We love you handsome <3