Friday, January 15, 2010

10.5 Months

In a little over a month you will be a year old! My baby!

  • You are a professional crawler now! I was trying to get a picture of you crawling toward me, before I could take the shot you were already in my lap!
  • When you stand to your feet you have to stop and do a victory dance. "Oh yeah, I did it! I'm standin!"
  • We went to see if you can qualify for speech therapy but you are right where you should be in development! Good job! We need to work a little on the sounds you use your lips for: M, B, W, P...etc
  • You have your top 2 teeth so far. Maybe soon you will surprise us with more!
  • You love music! You always have, but I think that love is growing.
  • You are learning to worship. I see you waving your hands and clapping during worship service. It melts my heart.
  • You love trying new food (especially what we are eating) Jello, black eyed peas, crescents, you even ate some of my cereal this morning. It makes you feel like a big boy!
  • You wave, high five, give kisses, play patty cake, arms up, arms down, touch my nose, eyes, and mouth. Your squealing, laughing, flirting. Really finding your own personality, and I love every minute of it!


  1. He's so beautiful! I really am so beyond happy for you guys. You are blessed!

  2. He looks like he has grown so much!!
    It is good to see him, and great to hear
    all the progress. :) I can see Matthew in
    some of the pics, you too of course. Thanks
    for the update and the pics. He's a cutie Udi!!

  3. Wow!! I love being able to blow up the pics!!
    I didn't notice your wedding ring in his hand
    until I blew them up! I love that wide eyed
    expression. :)

  4. :) He wouldn't be still for the pictures so I had to give him something to play with and my ring was the only thing nearby that I could just give him right away!

  5. It sounds like Judah is a very busy little boy. I am so very happy that he is doing so good. I love his sweet smile. God has truly blessed you with a beautiful and precious little boy.

  6. What a precious little man :) He is just gorgeous! and wonderful too - Love all of you!


  7. Rebekka, did you get my e-mail?
    April isn't getting my mail?
    Let me know.