Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Here Again..

This is just a short post letting you know we are on our way to Boston this morning for Judah's palate surgery Wednesday. Please keep us in your prayers!
Please also pray for our health. We only got 4 hours to sleep last night (not even that much. We couldn't really fall asleep)
I love you all.

Sorry no pics today :)


  1. May He refresh you, calm you, keep you, encourage you, and bless you beyond your imagination. In JESUS NAME I pray. I miss
    you three.

  2. My heart goes out to all of you! I wish that yall didnt have to go threw this storm. But God knows better than us all, and I believe he is with you during this storm holding tight to your hands. We are all praying for all the best God can bring out of this situation. Love you all. hugs for everyone :)

  3. We are praying that God's unmeasurable strength and peace be with your family throughout your trip to Boston. Praying also that Judah's surgery will be perfect just like he is. Our God is a awesome Right On Time God and He has your family in the perfect place right now... in "HIS HANDS". We love you.